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Exterior power washing for both commercial and residential clients. Our cleaning method fuses a balance of water temperature and pressure, cleaning solutions, and rinsing agents to clean any type of surface. Your property will appear clean and bright, with no damage or discoloration to your property's siding and trim or structure. We can also move, cover, or clean outdoor furniture. Our comprehensive rinsing process washes away grime, cobwebs, leaves, and debris. Windows are left streak-free and any nearby flowers and plants are rinsed, as well.

We invite you to reap the benefit of our 25+ years of expertise.

As a result of our experience with water pressures, cleaning solutions, and rinsing agents, we apply the best method for washing each surface.

Are you worried about high-pressure or harsh chemicals damaging your siding or landscaping? We fuse the right balance of power and detergents to safely clean even the most delicate surfaces. Because we use the proper pressure, we cause no damage and your home or business appears clean and bright.

How is Our Pressure Washing Service Different?

Dean Propst Pressure Cleaning has a reputation for being on time. We provide a premium pressure washing service that far exceeds expectations.

Have questions? We have answers. As a result of our many years of experience, we can recommend the proper care for each type of surface.

We never use harsh chemicals because this causes oxidation damage and allows the mildew to grow back within a couple of months.

We use a citrus-based cleaning solution along with a rinsing agent that may help inhibit mildew growth. This effect can last from 6 to 12 mos.*

Don’t worry about the exterior of your windows. Our final rinse will leave them streak-free. We rinse all plants. We are able to move or clean furniture.

Fully insured. We abide by national standards for clean water and only use environmentally safe and fully biodegradable solutions.

Let us help you enhance the beauty of your property while providing you with the “best in our industry experience.”

From Wilmington, NC to Jacksonville, NC to Emerald Isle, NC. Plus all points in-between, since 2006. Now our power washing services extend to Kinston, NC, and New Bern, NC.

Your pressure cleaning project

Your pressure washing service(s) will be scheduled as soon as possible and completed on time. Whether you have a residential or commercial project, you will receive the same attention to detail. We use equipment, and cleaning solutions manufactured or sold by Industrial Cleaning Equipment and Envirospec.

Contact us today and experience our exemplary service experience, which most of our satisfied customers have been raving about.

*Mold and mildew growth rates are determined by how damp and shaded an area remains and the severity of the weather. Our solution can typically inhibit the growth of mold and mildew from 6 to 12 months, under normal conditions.


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